What is Engineering Council of Birmingham (ECOB)?

ECOB was founded in the 1950's  to coordinate activities and communications among local engineering societies in the Birmingham area. 

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The ISA Birmingham Section and Auburn University are pleased to present an excellent opportunity for those involved in the automation, instrumentation and controls field. Registration and enrollment is now open for the 46th Annual “Fundamentals of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, and Controls” training course.  This training class will be held on May 3 – 5, 2016, in the offices of Revere Control Systems in Birmingham.

Please go to the following site:  www.eng.auburn.edu/isafundamentals 

Also, please be aware that you are eligible for the “Early Bird” registration fee of $695, and if you are an ISA member, there is another $100 discount, when you use the ISA Member Coupon Code “ISAMBR” on the registration page.  In other words, an ISA member may enroll in this class before March 1, 2016, for a total cost of $595 (a savings of $200).


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ISA Birmingham Training Opportunity

The 46th Annual “Fundamentals of Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, and Control” training course will be held on May 3 – 5, 2016 in the offices of Revere Control Systems in Birmingham, Alabama.  This most successful and beneficial class is directed toward engineers, technicians, I&C team leaders and other technical professionals who are responsible for instrumentation and automation.

Course objective is to teach the fundamental aspects of automation, instrumentation and controls with practical applications.  The principles, methods, selection and applications of instruments and controls will be taught by highly qualified automation professionals – David Haynes of KBR, Barry Farris of PASS, Geoffrey Johnson of Rockwell Automation, Chris Sorensen of Southern Company Services, and Gerald Wilbanks of DES.

The course will cover fundamentals of temperature, pressure, flow, and level measurements; process control loops and tuning with process control exercises.  Programmable Logic Controls (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), and final control elements will be presented and discussed.

The Early Bird Registration is now open and savings are available for everyone.

Registration Fee:  Non Member

$795.00 each for registration after March 1, 2016

$695.00 each for registration before March 1, 2016

ISA Member receives a $100 discount from these rates.
For additional information or to make an Early Bird reservation for the class, please contact Gerald Wilbanks at (205) 566-9801 or gwilbankspe@charter.net.


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